Zeta Psi Omicron all started with 14 young men in 1965, a group of scholars and diligent sophomores and juniors of the University of the Philippines, College of Agriculture (UPCA), who decided to form a new fraternity different from the existing fraternities in the UP campuses. Initially, they called themselves the D'Pranjels, but eventually decided to adopt the greek letter name, Zeta Psi Omicron.  For the Founders historic “final initiation rite”, they agreed among themselves to take the “Grand March” (walking from UPCA, College, Laguna to Lipa, Batangas) instead of the traditional “whacking”.

STANDING: (From left): Florante Husmillo, Pepito Castillo, Reynaldo Aranda, Ernesto Tolentino, Norberto Mailum, Victor Macalinga, and Danilo de Guzman

SITTING: (From left):  Virgilio Mercado, George Te, Benny  Pena, Angelo Honrade, Benjamin  Roy, Ananias Honrade**, and Tirso Paris.       

** First ZYO Fraternity Lord Chancellor

Initiation was purely intellectual with no physical contact. At times, the neophytes were dared to do some dangerous acts, but that was just to test their guts and determination. The original ZY Omicrons would like to show that brotherhood could be established even without the detrimental hazing that can cause death or disability…

But time has changed… the younger generation opted for the traditional way of hazing as the final initiation rite. How and why this happened need to be traced – to be written in the annals of the ZYO Fraternity.

Late 1960’s, when two (2) young omicrons Jose Alquino Jr. and Marcelino Claudio joined the teaching Staff of Musuan State University. There, they planted the Omicron “Seeds”, which grew in multitudes in Mindanao. Bro Jun Alquino is currently (2006) the Vice Chancellor of VISCA University, while Brod Mar Claudio has retired as an executive in a prestigious chemical company and is a successful farmer (growing rice and fruits) in Davao Del Norte.

Later, the ever-growing ZETA PSI OMICRON Fraternity and PSI ZETA OMICRON Sorority reached The Visayan Islands: Cebu, Iloilo and Bohol. According to Brod Taping Tan, about 30 chapters abound in Mindanao. This probably makes Zeta Psi Omicron Fraternity and Sorority as the most popular in Mindanao – a feat that has to be documented to validate the claim.

How this happened is a mystery that can be solved if only brothers and sisters who know the bits and pieces of the growth story would share the anecdotes for the benefit of the ZYO/YZO fraternity/sorority.

Based on the attendance to the different meetings, reunions, anniversary and foundation celebration and the 1st National Convention we have brod/sis with the following titles: PhD, Lawyer, Phil Army (sgt. to major), Mayor, Businessmen, Academe (School Principal, to Vice Chancellor), Executive (mgrs to V. Pres. Of big companies), leaders etc… So it can be told that the original vision was achieved by a lot of brod/sis. Therefore let us move on to complete the missing information that will reveal the true strength of the ZETA PSI / PSI ZETA OMICRON FRATERNITY and SORORITY.